Premium Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in Richmond Hill

Premium Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in Richmond Hill

24h Towing by Metro Towing

You know what makes a legend out of an auto towing company? Metro Towing Richmond Hill is a company dedicated to making their auto towing work legendary. Sure legend is perhaps a bit strong of a word, but what else would you call an auto towing company that has been a part of the Richmond Hill community for years, putting their years of experience to the test for every call that comes from their 24/7 dispatch service? Fully licensed and bonded, Metro Towing  is a reliable auto towing company available 24/7 for any towing services.

Our Services Include:

From Car Lockout to Flat Tire – All By Metro Towing

Metro Towing Richmond Hill is something of a calling, and they do the auto towing job honorably. Metro Towing has been there for the call to provide roadside assistance for those who need a flat tire change. The problem is that most people don’t think they need to call for assistance with a flat tire. But having emergency towing vehicles there to warn off the other drivers is the best way to protect yourself during a flat tire change.
Needing a battery jump start is perhaps a bit humiliating but it is the roadside assistance least often left to the auto towing professionals. Yet battery jump start is perhaps the most dangerous since it is dealing with an electrical battery jumpstart. If you need a battery jump start, call Metro Towing.


Trust Metro Towing

The conclusion you should reach is that Metro Towing is the company getting drivers here and back again. They’re the stuff of legends because they’re always there for you, rain or shine.

Our office address is: 69 Industrial Rd #1, Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 2Y2.
Phone(289) 317-1019

Although we always strive to fulfill the 30 min. arrival promise, our eventual arrival time heavily depends on area traffic!