Premium Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in Richmond Hill

Secure Accident Removal by Metro Towing

Getting on the road or planning our drive in advance, the one thing we all try our best to avoid is a car accident. Nevertheless, accidents do happen, and they often occur in spite of our efforts to steer clear away from them.

When we drive on a road full of fresh snow, there is a likelihood that our vehicle would slip off and end up on the side of the road or, in unfortunate situations, in a ditch. Since we are seldom alone on a stretch of road, many times other drivers can skid or swerve and cause damage to our cars and get us involved in an accident, no matter how much we attempt to maneuver our vehicle to safety. Since the probability of this scenario is high, we at Metro Towing urge you to secure yourself with an adequate and complete coverage.

The Best Way to Resolve a Car Accident

As members of the Metro Towing service, you will be joining a large base of customers who are fully covered for any case of a road accident. Being a local company, we tend to clearing accidents off roads on a daily basis, thus contributing to the safety of Richmond Hill’s roads. We have not only perfected our services to include the best in advanced automotive towing gear, but also compiled a complete set of services, providing the most affordable and on hand service in Richmond Hill.

Members of Metro Towing also enjoy these services:

  • The quickest ETA, of 30 minutes
  • A service operating around the clock, for complete availability
  • Swift and safe assistance in case of an accident
  • Heavy duty towing
  • A professional team of local friendly car experts
  • An experienced and trustworthy company, operating for many years
  • A variety of towing trucks, guaranteeing a fitted tow for your car
  • Many different sized towing forks, and power winches, optimal for dislodging stuck vehicles
  • Powerful straps and winches, easily towing great weights

Call us for our other great services and competitive rates (289) 317 – 1019.

Although we always strive to fulfill the 30 min. arrival promise, our eventual arrival time heavily depends on area traffic!