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Professional Flatbed Towing Services in Richmond Hill

When it comes to towing your car, the circumstances are probably already inconvenient, so why risk further damage or heartache? One of the best towing methods is flatbed towing, a method which Metro Towing simply excels in.

Flatbed Towing – What Is It?

You’re probably familiar with regular towing trucks – they’re the ones that lift the front wheels of the towed car off the ground and drive away while the back wheels make full and continuous contact with the road.
A flatbed tow truck is a truck with a large flat surface, from which its name is derived. This flat surface serves as a platform onto which the technician will lift your car and to which he will tether it and securely fasten it. The end result: your car is in a horizontal position, making no contact whatsoever with the road.

Advantages of Flatbed Towing

Try picturing it in your mind’s eye: your car is safely carried away, completely off the road, making contact solely with the tow truck, as it’s tightly secured to it.
This means that your car will be completely safe during the ride as it will not be exposed to further damage by deteriorating road conditions, pit holes, and the like.
Should you need to have a lower car, or motorcycle, towed, regular tow trucks will be of no service to you. Instead, flatbed tow trucks are the best solution for you and your vehicle.

Choosing Metro Towing

Choosing us means you’ll benefit from our unique advantages:

  • Quick response: not only do we operate a 24/7 available call center, but we also have several teams on call, meaning we’re able to arrive in under 30 minutes. That’s crucial when you’re out in the cold, waiting for help to arrive.
  • Professional technicians: our staff is comprised of technicians who have all completed lengthy training processes. They are all certified and exhaustively experienced. Whatever the circumstances may be, they’ll have the best towing solution ready at hand.

Although we always strive to fulfill the 30 min. arrival promise, our eventual arrival time heavily depends on area traffic!