Premium Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill's Heavy Duty Towing Specialists

Ever seen an ant trying to carry a bread crumb 10 times its size on its back? They can usually manage it, no matter how wobbly they gate may seem. Ever seen an ant trying to carry an entire loaf of bread on its back? Probably not, well, maybe also because the loaf completely hid it from sight. That’s also why you can’t expect regular towing equipment to handle heavy duty towing needs.

When should you contact heavy duty towing specialists?

Whenever you need large or heavy vehicles to be towed, a heavy duty towing company is in order. Metro Towing’s specialists are experts in towing large and heavy vehicles such engineering machinery, trucks, 4X4s, pick up vans and the like, regardless of how complex or challenging the task may be. Trying to tow such vehicles with regular towing equipment will get you nowhere at best, and will set you back due to damages and delays, at worst. Heavy duty towing requires special training and knowledge that only certified technicians enjoy and which only certain companies offer.

Calling Metro Towing

As we’re available 24/7 you can rely on us to take your call and send a team out in under 30 minutes. Upon swiftly arriving with the suitable tow truck, our crews will commence examining the towing need at hand, the vehicle, its size and weight, the surroundings and any possible limitations or pitfalls, and only then will execute the preferred heavy duty towing solution with professionalism and precision. Your vehicle will be safely hoisted into the air and on top of our towing truck and securely harnessed and fastened. Only after it’s ready for the ride will our technicians be on their way, towing your vehicle to its destination.

Metro Towing – roadside assistance services

Metro Towing is a provider of comprehensive roadside assistance services, offering professional and prompt service to Richmond Hill and all cities in its vicinity.
Our crews are world class experts in all roadside emergency related needs and offer:

  • Local and long distance towing
  • Regular and medium duty towing
  • Dolly, flatbed and motorcycle towing
  • Recovery services
  • Flat tires replacement
  • Car lockouts and Out of gas situations
  • Battery jumpstarts and replacements

Give us a call!

Although we always strive to fulfill the 30 min. arrival promise, our eventual arrival time heavily depends on area traffic!