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The definitions in the title, as a matter of fact, it about sums it all up. Metro Towing is here to provide for Richmond Hill and their every towing service need. Almost as dependable as a chivalrous knight, Metro Towing takes their honor and reputation seriously. So when it comes to towing service for your towing needs, let Metro Towing do the job.

It doesn’t matter where towing service began, though it wasn’t in Richmond Hill, the first towing service was a car towing experience to change them all as the men involved realized towing service would become more important the more important cars became in the lives of drivers. Richmond Hill drivers need towing service for car towing, flatbed towing, light duty towing Richmond Hill, as well as local and long distance towing. Metro Towing does it all.

Why Should You Get Metro Towing Flatbed Towing?

You’re a logical person, then look at how all the other Richmond Hill car towing services do their job. A car gets angled precariously on light duty towing hooks. When its tightly up against the truck they drive off using its own two wheels to help in the towing service. Thing is cars are meant to be horizontal. That’s why Richmond Hill flatbed towing service is so effective, because flatbed towing is literally that, flat. A flatbed towing truck pulls up, pulls the car onto the truck then lays the car back down horizontally. Flatbed towing is safer and more efficient for your Richmond Hill car towing needs, and if you need to preserve your vehicle for any reason flatbed towing is the towing that will get your car to its destination without any extra wear or tear.

Leave it to the Tow Truck Service Professionals

Metro Towing safely is the towing service that Metro Towing finds the most important. Being a tow truck service, means seeing plenty of accidents, but the saddest are those that could have been avoided by a single professional towing service. It might not be as common as drunk driving accidents, but local and long distance towing Richmond Hill can bring about accidents. There are many risks with towing, and you want to ask yourself, if it’s really important to do it yourself take the time to learn. Otherwise leave it to the towing professionals. Turning, backing up, going forward, stopping, these are all more difficult than you think when towing. And Richmond Hill towing service professionals have insurance for it too.

If you need car towing service, keep it simple, call Metro Towing, where you’ll get the best towing service and then some.

Although we always strive to fulfill the 30 min. arrival promise, our eventual arrival time heavily depends on area traffic!